Founded in 2012, AppTech is a Video Analytics Software provider committed to deliver the best management solutions to all industries by providing A.I. powered surveillance, response, and warning systems.

Real-world Applications

PixelEye Labs makes use of data and automation to help you build your competitive advantage. 
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Smart Transportation

Our A.I. Recognition and Analysis System detects vehicle types and tracks vehicles in real-time through license plate recognition.

Retail Stores & Shopping Malls

Our A.I. model measures and analyses visitor traffic patterns in stores and at storefronts, further strengthening the security of a mall.

Construction & Manufacturing

Our A.I. model  increases the productivity and efficiency of operation systems and also enhances the risk & issue management on-site.

Commercial Buildings

Our A.I. model optimizes the management of supply chains, increasing the productivity and efficiency of their operation system.

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