Founded in 2012, AppTech is a Video Analytics Software provider committed to deliver the best management solutions to all industries by providing A.I. powered surveillance, response, and warning systems.

Real-world Applications

PixelEye Labs makes use of data and automation to help you build your competitive advantage. 
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Smart Transportation

Our A.I. Recognition and Analysis System detects vehicle types and tracks vehicles in real-time through license plate recognition.

Retail Stores & Shopping Malls

Our A.I. model measures and analyses visitor traffic patterns in stores and at storefronts, further strengthening the security of a mall.

Construction & Manufacturing

Our A.I. model  increases the productivity and efficiency of operation systems and also enhances the risk & issue management on-site.

Commercial Buildings

Our A.I. model optimizes the management of supply chains, increasing the productivity and efficiency of their operation system.

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Latest News & Stories

CE’s Reception 2021

We are proud to be invited to the Chief Executive's Reception for all of the Hong Kong Awardees of the 2021 Special Edition – International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva! We will continue to develop smart city innovations and work towards building a smarter Hong Kong! [17 May 2021]

RTHK Interview

InnoCell的落成為本地創科公司的外地科研人才提供了一個就近及較平價的住宿,當中的單位配備完善的輔助設施,包括與居住空間融合而成的休閒、共享生活和工作空間,為不同背景的科研人才提供了一個交流平臺,非常創新。 有望政府多設立如創新斗室的住宿,為香港製造容納外地科研人才的聚匯點。[09 April 2021]

RTIA Awards 2020

本公司在2020年榮獲香港零售科技商會所頒發的「傑出抗疫科技產品獎」及「科技供應商組別最佳零售創新產品大獎」。 感謝香港零售科技商會以及各位評審的肯定及支持,亦同時提升了本公司的知名度。 期待AppTech的產品可以讓在更多的零售商使用,為零售行業創造更大的價值。

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