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ACAP is a secure, safe and operational efficient open platform used on most AXIS devices. By using specific cameras, it is possible to run visual analytics applications completely on the edge. This improves system efficiency and reduces storage, bandwidth, and hardware needs enabling more scalable, efficient solutions with less complexity. 

Edge computing-based solutions

AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) version

Slip and Fall Detection

The fall detection solution can alert people when someone falls. When used in a shopping mall, staff can respond quickly incidents to reduce the severity of customer injury and the possibility of high compensation. 

•  Q1615 MK III 

Unattended Object Detection​

Object detection identifies and locates objects in an image or a video. This technique can be used to count things in a scene, determine and track their precise locations while accurately labelling them.


Q1615 MK III 


Helmet Detection​

Safety helmets protect the safety of workers at a construction site. Our helmet detection solution sends real-time reminders and alerts upon detection of failure in wearing helmet. 

•  Q1615 MK III 

People Counting​

People counting is a technology that measures the number of people entering, leaving or moving within an area. This helps the user with people management by using the data gathered via this solution.

•  Q1615 MK III 

General Information

  • The recommended resolution of the camera is 1080×1920.
  • The minimum face image requirement is 150 * 150 pixels.
  • The frame per second(fps) can be up to 8-14 fps with a 1080p camera.
  • The model can support more than 10 people detection at the same time.
  • Supporting all angles of pedestrians.

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