Safety & Security management system Problems: Traditional security management systems heavily rely on observation by security staff. If the hazards are not detected instantly, it may cause serious consequences

Tramadol Buy Online Usa Use Case: By using an automated system to detect hazards, this reduces human error and enhances the effectiveness of security management.

Offline customer data analysis Problems: The missing of offline people flow data, unable to have accurate marketing analysis and people flow management plan

Buy Cheap Tramadol Overnight Delivery Us Tramadol Online Use Case: By using A.I. computer vision, the algorithm embedded system Tramadol Online Overnight Shipping collects the people flow data of shops and malls for further analysis, prediction and business planning purposes.

Smart City Queue Management Problems: People flow issue during peak hours at a busy transportation spot

Use Case: PixelEye’s unique real-time queue management system shows users the status of each queue at the terminus at Science Park via a customised dashboard. The data can also be used for improving transportation management.

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