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AppTech was founded in 2012 located in Hong Kong Science Park. In the early start, we focused on website and apps development. Until 2019, we started to expand our focus to A.I. computer vision. Our clients are mostly from government departments, public institutions and well-known real estate groups. We have various A.I. solutions for different industries, ranging from smart transportation, retail, commercial to construction. 

AppTech, as an AI and Big data platform company, we are committed to deliver the best management solutions to businesses in different sectors. We provide AI supported surveillance, response, and warning systems catered to each industry.

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Our Achievements

“A.I. Smart Pole for underground pipe damage prevention”

AppTech’s “A.I. Smart Pole for underground pipe damage prevention” has been awarded Gold in the 2021 Special Edition –Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days.

This A.I.-powered heavy machine monitoring system is specifically trained to track the activity of heavy machinery on site to ensure a safe and smooth construction process. This achievement has been recognized by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

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